My 14-month old is sprouting a lateral incisor, and there's occasionally some blood on his gums. His daycare provider says he's been picking at his gums, possibly causing them to bleed. Is this normal or cause for concern?

asked 02 Aug '10, 21:15

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Update: My pediatrician said this was nothing to worry about, and the bleeding has stopped now that the teeth are fully out.

(06 Aug '10, 14:06) Anne

Hey Anne, This is the only link I could find about bleeding gums while teething that was a reference from an actual Pediatrician The Online Pediatrician: Teething
(It ain't a fancy web-site, but the information looks pretty solid!)

ERUPTION CYST OR HEMATOMA: Occasionally when a tooth is erupting, it breaks through a blood vessel before it break through the skin. This will look like a blue mass about the size of a pea or peanut on the gum. This alone is nothing to worry about. When the tooth erupts through the skin, there will be a little blood come out with it. Again, this is nothing to worry about. If there is more blood than you expect (several teaspoons, >15cc) or the bleeding does not stop with pressure, then call you pediatrician or dentist immediately. If you see blue under the gum, but the whole gum or a large portion of it is covered with blue, then notify your pediatrician as soon as possible during business hours.

If your little guy is causing the bleeding by picking or scratcing at his gums, I'd say file his nails down as short as you can and take heart that as soon as that tooth breaks through, he'll cut it out. (Don't worry about "normal", his gums are itchy, he's trying to scratch them. Totally normal for your kid. My kids are always doing totally normal for them stuff, too. But I don't always tell their Grandmother about it, 'cause she'd think it was weird.)


answered 06 Aug '10, 08:33

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Thanks Neen! Sometimes I pick at my gums too, so I know how the guy is feeling.

(06 Aug '10, 14:04) Anne

I recall that we were informed by our pediatrician that very mild "bleeding" could occur occasionally, but that this was nothing to be alarmed about. We never had any bleeding.

Personal tip: Our pediatrician told us to massage her gums and to give her cold/refrigerated peeled carrots frequently, to help combat the itchy feeling in the gums prior to the teeth cutting through, I remember doing that quite extensively.


answered 03 Aug '10, 07:34

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Our pediatrician said the same thing yesterday. Thanks! I have not tried the carrots yet. He hates it when I massage his gums, just pushes my hand away.

(06 Aug '10, 14:05) Anne
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