I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy, and am wondering if it's safe to dye my hair with one of the store bought kits. Any takes on the subject?

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+1 Good question

(05 Aug '10, 08:01) Emi

I thought this article was helpful:

...Unfortunately, there are very few scientific studies on the effects of hair dye used during pregnancy. In some animal studies doses 100 times the amount of hair dye used in normal application showed no significant change in fetal development.

There are high levels of various chemicals in hair color. Low levels of these can sometimes be absorbed through the skin after being applied, and the dye is known to be secreted in urine. The larger danger in hair coloring lay in the fumes, which can be inhaled in greater amounts than will absorb into the skin...

For more in depth information with references, check out this article:

While studies on the use of hair dyes in human pregnancy are scarce several animal studies are reassuring. One study of 12 hair dye formulations (three semipermanent and nine oxidations dyes mixed 1:1 with 6% hydrogen peroxide) found no evidence of impaired fertility or harm to the fetus after topical application in pregnant rats [2] . Another study found no developmental defects in the offspring of pregnant rats fed five oxidative dyes at doses greater than 100 times the usual human exposure [3]. Some preparations have been associated with birth defects in mice at doses that were usually toxic to the mother [4,5].


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+1 My doctor told me when I was pregnant that it was fine to dye my hair, he said the smell would probably make me nauseous, and he was right.

(05 Aug '10, 04:30) Neen

+1 Nice article!

(05 Aug '10, 08:02) Emi

When I was pregnant with my first, even though my doctor said it would be okay, my hair dresser refused to give me a perm because she didn't know if the chemicals could be absorbed through the skin or what the fumes might do to the baby. Perms aren't the same chemicals as hair dye, but be aware that, if you are having it done professionally, your hair dresser may refuse to help you.


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Have you considered looking for a natural hair dye with less chemicals?

When I was pregnant, I waited until my second trimester and then went to an Aveda salon which claims to have hair dyes with less chemicals and more natural products so your body won't absorb as many chemicals. Many hairdressers will also (depending on what you need to dye, ie. roots vs. whole head) try to not cover the roots in the dye and remove it faster than normal, so your scalp can't absorb as many chemicals.

Here is an article on natural non-toxic hair dyes with more info on different salons and over the counter natural hair dyes.


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+1 For natural / organic option.

(05 Aug '10, 15:14) Emi

I have considered the more natural hair dye, but I've been told it doesn't work nearly as well. I do take the natural approach to everything else in my life (cleaning products, food, etc.), so I thought this could be one little exception. Maybe I'll just wait until I have the baby... Hmmm...

(05 Aug '10, 15:35) misssvanes
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