Our newborn's excess umbilical cord fell off and for the last couple of days it still slightly bleeds.

I'm not worried about the bleeding as much as the mess it's making on his clothes. Another problem is that it bleeds just enough to make a small mess, but enough that when it dries it sticks to his clothes. Then when I change his clothes or his diaper the movement peels his clothes from his belly button & makes it bleed again.

Is there a way to protect the clothing and also make the dried blood not stick to his clothes? Would putting Vaseline on it be okay?

asked 07 Aug '10, 05:24

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(18 Aug '10, 14:11) DazedandConfused

You had your baby!!! YEAH!!! Brand new boy at your house!!

'Kay, my Mom who was a labour and delivery nurse for 20 years, and had 5 kids of her own always made sure we had non-stick surgical gauze and tape when we brought home our babies for this very reason, you make a little wee pad of a 3 or 4 layers, tape it on (fold back the very ends of the tape so its super easy to take off, and ask at the drug-store for the least sticky tape they have) and your golden. The surgical dressings are super-breathable now, and you just change it when you change his diaper.

If baby doesn't really need to be completely dressed for awhile it's always a good idea to just let his belly button breath, too. Fold-up-his-t-shirt-and-down-his-diaper, but you know that.

(And it's always nice to have this stuff in the bathroom drawer for when someone is bleeding copiously all over the rug and the kids have used all the band-aids "because I was making crafts, and there wasn't any tape, Mom!")


answered 07 Aug '10, 06:16

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:) Yes a brand new baby boy. Thanks for the great idea...it is totally working.

(09 Aug '10, 07:15) Sabrina
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