Have a 2 week old boy who likes to stay awake in the middle of the night. Sometimes crying, sometimes just a little fussy (that often works up to crying). The only remedy we've found to keep him quiet so that one of us can sleep is to hold/rock/coo him. At which point he just lays there, wide eyed and awake. But all ready to be vocal again once we put him in his crib.

I know that most babies are born with day/night confusion, because they like to sleep in the womb during the day (while moms movements rock it to sleep), and then wake up in the night while mom is sleeping.

What did you to to fix this confusion? Right now we try and keep him awake during the day... but that can be very hard when you are so exhausted from the long night that having him actually sleeping (during the day) is a welcome relief.

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And don't give up hope, when you have a new baby it feels like it's going to last forever. But things change very fast. Hang in there, and reorganise your life to get as much sleep as possible.

(10 Aug '10, 06:18) Benjol

Here are some suggestions from a Parenting and Child Health website. I recall reading similar suggestions in What to Expect The First Year.

Even though newborns feed fairly regularly around the clock, most soon start to sleep between night feeds and be more wakeful after day feeds. Some, however, get night and day confused and tend to have at least one really long day sleep with some lengthy periods awake overnight.

If this suits you and your family that is fine, but it is possible to change this pattern around if you want to.

Make sure your baby has plenty of day feeds. If it has been 4 hours from the beginning of the last feed, wake him gently and offer a feed. Encourage good active play times before or after day feeds, when your baby is awake and alert.

Keep night feeds 'boring'. Keep the light low, try not to talk to him (a smile is OK), only change the nappy if you really need to, and get him back to bed and sleep as soon as you can. Even quite young babies tend to have one longer sleep in each 24 hours. If you want this at night, make sure he doesn’t get in the habit of having this sleep during the day. It is OK to wake a sleeping baby if you are trying to change a pattern.


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From my experience every baby is different and while take their own time to figure out the day/night difference. In my case I used a combination of things - white noise, dim light in the room, no talking while feeding before bed. During the day, kept the room bright, talked to him while feeding.


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I understand that he's only 2 weeks ... and will take some time. I just want to make sure we aren't doing anything that is counter-productive, and that we are doing things that will speed up the process

(09 Aug '10, 20:49) Matt 4

In addition to the above we always put our kids in clothes during the day and then at night time we would put them in Pjamas/sleep suits etc. You can start a bedtime routine with a newborn.


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