One of my daughters, age 6 years 9 months, wears a pull-up every night because she would wet the bed if she didn't. She occasionally doesn't wet the pull-up but it's uncommon. We have tried everything we can think of:

  • Given her a small reward
  • Restricted her water for a couple hours before bedtime
  • Praised her victories
  • Tried wearing underwear and not making a huge deal out of the accidents
  • Told her that if she got past this she could sleep over at a schoolmate's house
  • Consulted with a urologist to see if there was anything medical going on
  • Did a session of Brain Gym, some total BS pseudo-science (not my idea)

She doesn't feel bad about her inability to stay dry and has been in this situation since the age of 3. Her sisters all have been fully potty trained for years.

Any other ideas? I'd especially like any experiences related to DDAVP (desmopressin acetate), which is what the urologist recommended.

asked 09 Aug '10, 18:30

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My friends son has the same issue and he is almost 8. The doctor told them that it was normal and that unless it continued past the age of 9, they wouldn't normally do anything about it. He is a very sound sleeper and just doesn't wake when he needs to go.


answered 10 Aug '10, 16:42

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