What is a good age to introduce a child to play dough? I've found a couple of recipes online that use food ingredients so I'm not worried if he eats modest amounts of it. However, at what age will he start to enjoy playing with it?

asked 11 Aug '10, 21:41

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Good question, I've been thinking the same thing myself recently.

(12 Aug '10, 12:53) Tammy ♦♦

My daughter was about 18 months when she first really started to play with playdough. I used to put her in the highchair so to keep it confine. Her first experience would have been at my son's preschool. She is now nearly 2.5 and loves playing with it as does my 4 year old. They both will play with it for 30-60 mins at time. I do keep as an activity that mummy has to get out (when asked) and we only play with it at the table to minimise the mess.

We have a mix of cutters, rolling pins, squashing and cutting tools. It is great that my daughter can learn to use scissors safely with playdough.

One warning my son throw up after eating heaps of playdough once. It was a flour and salt based one. So try to discourage any eating. He was fine after and now we say that you don't eat playdough as it makes you sick.


answered 12 Aug '10, 01:52

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I made my daughter her first batch play dough at around 18mths. I wanted to make sure she wouldn't eat too much salt so I tried cornstarch and water couple times earlier to see if she would play or just eat it. She was also to the point where she liked to draw different things on paper so I thought she would enjoy creating them as well.

She had lots of fun making shapes and animals with me. I did have to teach her how to play with it but she did great as soon as she saw me making different things.


answered 12 Aug '10, 01:44

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