When we first started breast feeding my wife's breasts were quite engorged and were quite sore if she didn't feed every couple of hours. She's now been breast feeding exclusively for 2.5 months without ever having any issues. However her milk supply doesn't seem to have gone down. She's getting worried that she is going to lose her milk supply soon. Does she have any backing for her thoughts?

asked 14 Aug '10, 02:27

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Andy H
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"When we first started" :-)

(16 Aug '10, 05:21) Benjol

She dictated. I typed. :P

(16 Aug '10, 21:30) Andy H

Forgot to say "great question" & I really respect the "we" approach!

(16 Aug '10, 21:36) Emi

So long as she is feeding on baby's cues then what is happening is that her body is getting more used to the pattern of feeding and only making milk as and when it is needed. If baby seems contented after a feed and producing plenty of urine it seems fairly normal to me.

See KellyMom for a quick guide on whether baby is getting enough milk. Also, on KellyMom there is this guide to knowing if your supply is low which includes:

the following things do NOT mean that you have a low milk supply: ...

  • Your breasts don't leak milk, or only leak a little, or stop leaking. Leaking has nothing to do with your milk supply. It often stops after your milk supply has adjusted to your baby's needs.

  • Your breasts suddenly seem softer. Again, this normally happens after your milk supply has adjusted to your baby's needs.


answered 14 Aug '10, 09:35

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Meg Stephenson
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+1 Great points

(14 Aug '10, 10:16) Emi

+1 - Great answer Meg, sounds normal to me too. (and I love "KellyMom")

(15 Aug '10, 15:33) Neen
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