My 15 month old has little bumps on his arms and legs and the doctor says it's dry skin. He's had this for several months. I've tried different kinds of lotions (aquaphor, calendula oil, some kind of plain baby lotion) with no improvement at all. Even in the humid summer I've seen no improvement. Any suggestions?

asked 15 Aug '10, 16:15

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+1 What do bathe your little one with?

(15 Aug '10, 18:28) Emi

Our son had developed some dry skin and redness in the diaper area, which did not go away with increased care. Our doctor first prescribed a olive oil based cream, and when that did not really help, we got a cream with a slight anti-fungal addition and now use oak-bark extract for bathing which helped toughen the sensitive skin.

(16 Aug '10, 07:15) brandstaetter

Emi, we have used a few different liquid soaps. Now we're using CVS brand baby wash. Maybe I will look for something gentler.

(16 Aug '10, 13:43) Anne

Anne, that could be a good idea, because I was just thinking that because the areas where the bumps are exposed areas, maybe an ultra gentle wash may help the skin retain a bit more moisture?? Have you tried Sudocream? http://www.sudocrem.com/

(16 Aug '10, 17:42) Emi

Emi, looks like sudocrem is available in every country EXCEPT the US. Grr.

(20 Aug '10, 16:47) Anne

My son has something that sounds like this (bumps, almost like little pimplese) on his upper arms and the doctor called it "chicken skin" - and said that it doesn't go away, though it might fade as he gets older. I wonder if maybe your case is not dry skin?


answered 16 Aug '10, 13:28

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It looks like you may be talking about keratosis pilaris: http://www.helpforkp.com/

The website suggests various lotions and exfoliators, some of which I've tried. It is a commercial website, however, run by DERMADoctor.

(16 Aug '10, 16:23) Anne

I have that, and have never noticed an itchiness from it. In fact I go for days or weeks without thinking of it. You could try the treatments recommended in Anne's link, but I really don't see a reason for it.

(19 Aug '10, 02:41) mkcoehoorn

Doctor confirmed yesterday that it is keratosis pilaris and there's not much you can do. Interestingly, he had hives too, so we started giving him Aveeno oatmeal powder baths, and it seems to be clearing up.

(20 Aug '10, 16:46) Anne

My Daughter gets a similar thing. The doctor told us to apply Cortisone Cream (non-prescription). It always clears it up for my daughter.


answered 19 Aug '10, 19:50

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