Our 7 year old has only one earring in (a training one) and will not let my wife take it out. She is very afraid it will hurt as much as the first one did -- which only hurt because daughter jerked her head away. As soon as we approach her head now she throws a conniption fit... Ideas on calming her down or other tricks?

Back story is that she decided many months ago that she wanted earrings. We lectured her on that she'd have to work to take care of them, etc. Finally she convinced us she was ready, and so my wife took her in and got them pierced. She was very responsible cleaning and twisting them, etc, so that was good. For the past couple of months they've been ready to rotate to another pair, except my daughter is very afraid it will hurt. She needs to be able to have them out for soccer which is starting now... Finally she asked my wife to take them out while she slept-- which worked to get the first one out. But now we have one in, one out... and we are at our wits end. Unfortunately, my daughter is very stubborn and once she gets an idea in her head it is usually very difficult to get her to change her mind. Help!

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Does your wife wear earrings? or yourself for that matter?? You could try getting your daughter to take off one of your earrings so that she could see that no pain was involved and that taking an earring out has almost nothing at all in common with having your ears pierced.

Once she has done that herself she may end up feeling more comfortable having you remove her earring.

Additional note: If she is not very nimble/agile with her fingers try putting on an earring that is very easy to remove.

Good luck!


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Would she buy "I'm just going to take the back off, then you can take it out yourself."? Since it's the back that's the tough part of those training studs.

(I'm assuming that you've already tried "You can't play soccer wearing that earring, so either it comes out, or....")

My 9 year old step-daughter is fussy about having someone other than her Mom change her earrings, so when I had to do it for her I always did it with her sitting on my knee while we watched a movie. During an exciting bit while she was really engrossed in the action, I'd sneak them out and her new ones in.


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