When our child was born last April, the hospital put her footprints on some document. They kept that document and gave us a blank certificate (the fake one for display/keepsake) and a stamp pad to make our own footprints with. As you can imagine, that didn't get done. I still have the stuff and can make footprints, but they'll be 4 month old footprints.

I was wondering if anyone knows if a copy of the original can be obtained? It may be a per hospital thing, but perhaps if one person has done this I can too.

asked 25 Aug '10, 14:56

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Tammy ♦♦

@Justin what country are you in? I imagine the responses will be different depending on where you are. I'm pretty sure that the hospital did not take our daughter's footprints but my husband had a birth certificate which includes his.

(25 Aug '10, 17:05) Tammy ♦♦

I am in the good ol' US of A.

(25 Aug '10, 20:44) JustinP8

And the great state of Texas I might add.

(25 Aug '10, 20:44) JustinP8

Have you tried asking nicely? I don't know 'bout the US of A, but where I live that gets you a long way :D

(30 Aug '10, 18:49) brandstaetter

@brandstaetter - Haha, it's on the to-do list. I figure it's going to take a good chunk of time and a few transfers to get to someone that knows the answer. When I have a few spare minutes, I was going to call the Hospital.

(31 Aug '10, 14:34) JustinP8

They gave us the sheet with their footprints (not sure if it's the only original) when we left the hospital, we didn't have to ask. I live in NJ.

(25 Jan '11, 17:30) Aris
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