Hi! OK, so I have a child who will be 4 years and 1 month old when #2 makes an appearance (give or take a couple weeks). I am wondering if I need to get a double stroller? My son is 3.5 yrs old now and we really only use the stroller when I'm going for longer walks around our subdivision, and he prefers to ride rather than to walk. We don't do it very often but I figure once I'm back on maternity leave I'll be walking lots. What do you think? Is it worth it to buy a double stroller or can I just make do with what I already have (an older Zooper Buddy stroller system, as well as a Safety 1st jogger).

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+1 I'm interested in the responses. My daughter will be 2 years, 4 months when our next baby arrives and I've gone back and forth. Right now I've decided no as my daughter can always walk beside us. Or for longer trips the new baby can be in a sling and my daughter in the stroller or wagon. But maybe I'm missing something?

(26 Aug '10, 13:12) Tammy ♦♦

I think the answer maybe it depends on how much walking you do and the age of your kids.

Here is my experience. I had 23 months between my kids. We had a buggy/stroller that has a toddler seat that attached at the front.This is similar to the one we have.See here. We had bought this before we had our first child. This was great as I could go for longish walks (my main form of exercise). It was also useful when out shoppings or when we went to places like the zoo. But if my older one was walking then I could use it without the toddler seat. We used this until our son was about 3.5.

Now my older son is 4 and wants to walk. Also having the two kids on the buggy makes it too heavy for me to want to push it. This has put pay too long walks at a decent pace when he is with me. He is capable of walking when we go to places

So I would say Melanie with a four year old I wouldn't bother with a double buggy/stroller as you probably wont use it. Maybe use a sling or front pack for baby and then put your older one in the buggy/stroller on the few occassions that you might want to have your four year old in the buggy/stroller.

Tammy, I would probably look at a double buggy/stroller or one with a toddler seat as there will be times when you want both kids transported. Although the sling idea is also a good one.

Another suggestion is that some of my friends have swapped buggy/strollers with people where one person has one that can transport two but only one child and the other person has two kids but one that can only transport one. Then when it wasn't needed swap back.


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That's a good idea - I am planning to try out different babywearing items, used a HotSlings sling last time around which was OK but I'm really interested in trying a Moby wrap or something in that style. My main form of exercise will be walking, I'm thinking those are the occasions when having a double stroller would be awesome, but then again, when my boy is 4, he may want to also walk, or I could go for longer walks in the evenings with baby (maybe help to calm down some of those 4-6pm fussy times that I remember vaguely from last time?), while my husband stays home with my older one.

(27 Aug '10, 14:38) Melanie

At very least, I think I will wait til I am actually home with both kids and see how it goes. If I do need one, I'm not averse to buying one. I just don't want to go nuts buying extra baby stuff now when I might not end up needing it.

(27 Aug '10, 14:39) Melanie

One thing to allow for is possible regression on the part of the older child when the baby comes along. He may like walking now, but it's not great when you want to get somewhere soon and he's either dawdling or throwing a fit because he wants to be carried.

I can't quite remember now to be honest, but I think that for the first few months, I had the baby in a sling, which makes things easier.

Another idea is one of these, I've no idea what they're called:

alt text


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Good point... I think this is called a sit and stand (I know, seems so obvious) and different brands make them. I think I'll wait til I'm home with 2 kids and then see how I feel, if I do need one I can always buy one then.

(27 Aug '10, 14:40) Melanie
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