Especially if you work, how have you managed to balance being a parent, working, doing outings and still pursuing some of the personal hobbies, projects, or interests that you had before becoming a parent?

Obviously this depends on what the interest or hobby is... if you like coloring on the walls then I'm not sure you have to set aside specific time for yourself to do this. :) However, if you're like me and your hobby requires a minimum of a couple hours at a time of peace and quiet, it can seem almost impossible.

Similar to this, how can you make sure your partner gets time to pursue their hobbies and interests? What schedules have worked well for you? Specifics are great!

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This is something that we struggle with in our household too. A few things that we are trying here:

  • I am fortunate in some ways as I am home during the day. So rather than spend the kids sleep time to doing housework. I do my housework when the kids are up and then to do my hobby when the kids are either asleep or having a rest in the afternoon.
  • We try to make at least one night a week my husband's night to do his own thing.
  • We also may say that Saturday afternoon is one persons time to do their thing and then Sunday afternoon will be the other persons. Because our younger one sleep for a couple of hours most afternoon we do any outings in the mornings.

I think that the key is to schedule it in to the diary. We try and do the same with some time for mum and dad as a couple.


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We have been struggling with this also and currently have a schedule that works ok. My husband takes Saturday as his "day off" and goes and climbs mountains and other solitary things like that. On these days I try to find public places to be with my son, such as the library, so I don't feel completely isolated. Sunday I work from home in the morning in the basement where my son can't see me, and we have a babysitter come to watch Calvin so my husband can do things such as mow the lawn, etc. Monday, when my son is in regular daycare for 1/2 the day is my "day off." We try to make sure that we go out and do something once a month in the evening as a couple.

Unfortunately, this involves coming up with the money to pay the babysitter but we've decided we're willing to sacrifice other things for our sanity :) If we knew any friends in the neighborhood with a similar age child, we might be able to arrange a babysitting swap instead.


answered 27 Aug '10, 03:25

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Kiesa ♦
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I have had several arrangements where I have had someone child one day during the week and then they have had my child another day. We have also swapped evening babysitting.

(27 Aug '10, 04:53) K D

To my own surprise, I've found that getting up one to one and a half hours earlier, before anyone else is awake, is a great time to get an hour of time in. In my case I need at least 20 minutes before I'm "functional", but then I'm remarkably focused and can get some stuff done. I wouldn't have thought I'd be useful at all, but I am.


answered 27 Aug '10, 03:29

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Great question. I am still trying to find the answer. We have a 15-month old and another baby on the way, so I'm a bit resigned to not having much of a life until they're a little older and more independent, especially as I need a lot of sleep right now.

That being said, here's some things that seem to work for us:

  • I work full time, but I have a half-hour commute. I got a good Spanish learning recording and am listening to it on the drive.
  • My husband does a lot after the baby and I go to bed (I need almost as much sleep as he does right now).

answered 27 Aug '10, 12:20

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@Anne I'm right there with you. I have the summers off (only 1 week left) but lately I spend more time napping in the afternoon at the same time as my daughter then I do with anything for myself. Sleep has become my hobby.

(27 Aug '10, 13:41) Tammy ♦♦

I thought about this over the weekend, and I guess I realized I've sort of adapted my hobbies to ones that can be done in small bits of time here and there.

(30 Aug '10, 14:41) Anne

I try to wake up early, so I can do my personal stuff like reading, praying, and so on. When my son is sleeping, that's also the time where I can do my other personal stuff.


answered 20 Dec '12, 20:57

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