I'm getting ready to paint my infant daughter's bedroom, but I'm not sure where to start when it comes to paint. I remember hearing about a brand of paint that's easy to clean. What brands to you recommend?

Also, my husband thinks that a butter yellow with a spring green accent wall will peg it as a child's room. I told him we could repaint when we're ready to sell the house, but do you really those colors limit the room that much?

asked 29 Aug '10, 18:37

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We are planning to use low-VOC Benjamin Moore paint to repaint the nursery at our church, possibly the Natura line of paint.

I encourage you to paint the room a fun, yet calming color, and repaint later. Environment plays a big role in learning (see the book, Brain Rules, available on Amazon here). Now I won't claim that painting will boost your child's IQ by 20 points, but it's clear from what we know about psychology that rooms painted in colors that make us feel happy, safe, and calm can help us learn better.

I can't comment on the ease of cleanup should someone color on the walls, but other Benjamin Moore lines have been easy to clean.


answered 30 Aug '10, 16:48

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We used Benjamin Moore paint. As for the particular product I don't recall. I do remember that we used a satin finish as that would be easier to clean than an eggshell finish. Although that being said, she's coloured on other walls in the house which I believe have an eggshell finish and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has always removed all the marks.

As for colours, her room is two shades of green with a pink band. There is no doubt that it is a little girl's room but that's because it is her room. However, we have no intention of moving or selling our house anytime soon and as you said rooms can always be repainted.


answered 29 Aug '10, 23:30

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I don't know about paint, but as far as glue is concerned, the best kid friendly glue is potato starch with some water. It's sticky and safe!


answered 30 Aug '10, 06:45

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Um... awesome. I guess if I want to glue stuff to her walls, I'll use potato starch and water.

(31 Aug '10, 02:13) Artemis
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