The other night I went to check on my 4 year old daughter before going to bed myself, and I found her asleep on the floor in front of the door. This doesn't worry me so much, as I know it happens with lots of kids. What does worry me is that I had to push her aside with the door to get in the room, and she never woke up. It was dark, and I thought it was a toy or pillow wedged under the door. Not only did she not wake up after being pushed a foot across the floor, she did not wake up when I carried her to bed. I had to stop and make sure she was still breathing and wasn't in some kind of coma.

Should I be worried about this? It worth asking a doctor about? I'm concerned she might do something like sleep through a fire alarm. She does wake up okay in the mornings for school (she just started kindergarten).

asked 30 Aug '10, 23:22

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Joel Coehoorn
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Not to be annoying, but boy, oh boy I wish I had that problem. :)

(31 Aug '10, 14:40) Anne

Our son is a very light sleeper. Joel jokes that between the two we have one normal sleeper.

(31 Aug '10, 23:05) mkcoehoorn

I personally was a very sound sleeper (slept through fire truck sirens once as there was a small fire in the neighboring building) until I needed to awake quickly (during military duty as medic on night watch).

Never had problems with it. What you might consider checking (e.g. by sitting next to your daughter while she's sleeping for some time) if she has signs of sleep apnea which would need further investigation.

But in my experience children are very sound sleepers, especially if you catch them right at the deepest sleep phase.


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Our kids are the same with the different phases. Our son in particular will sleep through anything but then other times he will wake when I go into check on him.

(01 Sep '10, 08:27) K D
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