I used to be able to shower and get ready for the day during my son's morning nap. But now we are transitioning to only 1 nap per day, around noon.

So far I've been waiting until this new nap to take my daily shower and to do my hair, but that means I've been going out in public in the mornings looking like an un-showered scrub and feeling yucky.

Does anyone have any tips about what I can do with my busy / crawling 1-year-old while I shower and do my hair in the mornings? (I'm not looking for the response of "just shower WITH him", because then I still have the problem of not knowing what to do with him while I blowdry my hair / change, etc...).

What do you stay-at-home parents do?

asked 31 Aug '10, 19:53

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(31 Aug '10, 20:58) Tammy ♦♦

I've got two strategies for getting ready when my 15 month old is awake and my husband is not available to help.

1) Some days I don't shower in the morning. I go out with a hat. :)

2) I bring my son's stroller into the bathroom (or a little chair that he can be strapped into) and I give him a snack such as cheerios and I empty a big bag of blocks onto his lap. Most times, he spends my shower alternating between throwing the blocks out of his stroller, putting them together and taking them apart, and eating his cheerios. I leave the shower curtain slightly open so I can keep an eye on him and he seems to stay happier longer if he can see me too. If he throws all his blocks out before I'm done my shower and he gets fussy, I either reach out and give him some blocks back, or we sing a couple songs.

As for getting ready after my shower, I include him in what I'm doing. So, when I brush my teeth, I give him his tooth brush. When I brush my hair, I give him a hair brush too. When I'm drying my hair, we play a game where I count to three and then turn the dryer towards him and he giggles.

When I'm getting dressed, I often put him in his crib and talk to him as I get dressed.

Having a relaxing shower when you have a baby is something that I'm still trying to figure out! Hope this answer gives you some ideas for your situation.


answered 01 Sep '10, 03:23

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many great ideas, thank you!

(01 Sep '10, 11:16) DazedandConfused

I never considered bringing the stroller in. I'll have to try that sometime!

(01 Sep '10, 14:45) Kiesa ♦

I started showering at night when my oldest two were tiny babes and never switched back, but I have really long hair that doesn't benefit from being washed everyday and that I don't have to "do", so going to bed with wet hair isn't an issue for me, and showering at night doesn't keep me up.

My oldest sister when her kids were very small completely baby-proofed her bathroom, bought a couple of "special Mommies shower-time toys" (electronic noisy ones that would have driven her nuts if they were around all the time), and locked the kids in the bathroom with her while she showered. The toys were only played with while she showered and did her hair and then got put up until the next day. Between the toys and playing peek-a-boo around the shower curtain, it was actually a time of the day they looked forward too.


answered 01 Sep '10, 03:24

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Thanks for sharing what your sister does, that sounds like it just might work! LOVE the idea of special "mommy's shower-time toys"!

(01 Sep '10, 11:15) DazedandConfused

I also did " only shower-time toys" and it worked great, I used wooden peg puzzles.

(07 Sep '10, 06:54) Sabrina

I have also struggled with this one but I have found the best thing is to get in the shower before getting in the kids up. When my son was your son's age I would go into his room say hi and give hime some toys in his cot while I had my shower. Once he was used to this I would make sure he had a few toys in his cot to play with in the morning at night and so I stopped going into his room first. Now I have a 2 and 4 year old who share a room. The older one will give the younger one things to play with.

I know other people who have their shower at night but I find a shower at night wakes me up.

I do enjoy Sunday mornings when my husband gets the kids up and gives them breakfast so I have lie in and then have a long leisurely shower.


answered 31 Aug '10, 21:02

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On days when I couldn't get up & shower before hubby left for work (hello, getting up 6 times in a night to soothe crying 1yr old...mommy needs sleep more than a shower) - I did what a previous answerer suggested - just put some toys/books in his crib with him, then take a superfast shower. Often I would take the baby monitor into the bathroom with me so I'd be able to hear if anything was really wrong. Also I'm fortunate to have long-ish straight hair so it's no problem to whip it back in a headband or ponytail right after the shower, to save post shower prep time. If I was just staying home, I'd do moisturizer and that's it. If I was going out somewhere, I'd take my makeup and do it in the car.


answered 01 Sep '10, 11:34

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LOL, ah yes, I too would take my makeup and do it in the car after my kids are strapped in their seats.

(07 Sep '10, 06:52) Sabrina

It's definitely tricky. I'll be interested to see hear what other people do.

  • When possible, I prefer to shower right before my 17-month son gets up. However, he doesn't wake up consistently at the same time which makes this tricky.
  • Now that my son can feed himself, sometimes I have my husband supervise during breakfast while I run and take a shower.
  • When that isn't possible, I take him into the bathroom with me, shut the door, try to find everything he could get in and put it on the counter out of reach and then give him some toys to play with (fortunately, he hasn't learned that he can probably climb from the toilet to the counter yet). Sometimes I'll hand him things like a brush or a toothbrush and he can pretend he's getting ready with me.

Anyone read Cheaper by the Dozen and remember the scene where they learn the most efficient way to take a bath? That's what I feel like the days I have to shower with my son in the room. I'm always looking for ways to get out of the shower and ready faster.


answered 31 Aug '10, 20:28

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Kiesa ♦
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I tried the shower-first-thing while my husband played with him this morning- it definitely WORKED...but man, I'm not used to jumping in the shower first thing in the morning any more... I like lazing around in my jammies with my coffee! I guess some concessions will have to be made ;)

(01 Sep '10, 11:17) DazedandConfused
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