I'm a new mom to one beautiful little girl, Rosie. She was born without her right leg or left forearm, and I'm having a hard time finding other parents to connect with. Does anyone else have a similar situation? I'd love to be able to talk with someone about what to expect. It would also be great to meet someone who's an adult with a limb difference.

Edit: I'm in the Raleigh are of North Carolina (USA).

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what country/area are you in?

(03 Sep '10, 09:29) Rich Seller


How are you? and Rosie? Where are you located? I am in Montreal. This question was forwarded to me cause I also have a child with limb differences.

My son Gabriel was born without a fibula in his right leg and it is shorter than his left. It is called Fibular Hemimelia, you can look it up if you would like. Gabriel had his right foot amputated at 9 months old and now wears a prosthethic leg, but you would never know the difference.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have or to tell you my story if you are interested.

Let me know. Claudia


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There's a list of support organisations for various birth defects around the world at http://www.ibis-birthdefects.org/start/found.htm, there's also a few other sites you may find helpful (from http://www.birthdefects.org/parentservices/supportgroups.php):

I also found http://limbdifferences.org/?superkids, which has more links to other resources.

I hope these help.


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Hi, I' m a mother of 4 kids.my younger kid'a girl, has no right upper limb and no both lower limbs by birth.i want to join any forum, helpful for me.i want to share my experiences with people having same situation.thanx.

i want my daughter to grow up like normal people.i want her to meet people like her.so she doesnt feel lonely.i live in a developig country, where prosthetic technology is not so addvanced as in developed countries.so i need help in this regard too, to get information about latest technology.


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Hi Niggie, I combined both of your responses into one answer. Hopefully, some of the other answers to this question have been helpful to you.

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