What are the typical developmental milestones for a 24 month old (2 year old)? I'm looking for "medical type" information. I'm particularly interested in the upper and lower bounds, whatever that may be.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics lists some developmental milestones for 2-year olds. At the end of the article is a list of things to talk to a pediatrician about if a child hasn't met those milestones yet. There doesn't seem to be as much information about what is considered precocious on this site.

I did find a chart on Davidson Institute for Talent Development that lists what they consider average versus advanced. This checklist appears to have first been published in 1980 in Somewhere to turn: strategies for parents of gifted and talented children by Eleanor G. Hall and Nancy Skinner. I don't know what research this checklist is based on but it might be a starting point.


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"Begins to show defiant behavior" - I think our daughter is gifted in this area. :)

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From the book "What To Expect: the Toddler Years" it lists the milestones for the 24th month (ie from age 23 months to age 24 months) to be:

should be able to take off an article of clothing "feed" a doll build a tower of 4 cubes identify 2 items in a picture by pointing

will probably be able to build a tower of 6 cubes throw a ball overhand speak and be understood half the time identify 1 item in a picture by naming identify 4 items in a picture by pointing

may possibly be able to jump up put on an article of clothing

and may even be able to draw a vertical line in imitation build a tower of 8 cubes and carry on a conversation of 2 or 3 sentences

Of course all kids are different. If you're concerned, talk to your pediatrician...


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