My friend's baby has a rash on her hand from sucking on her thumb. The doctor said to put a medicated cream (doc provided one) at night and keep her hand covered.

My friend tried putting a sock on the baby's hand, but the baby removed it during the night.

Does anyone have ideas on what might work? I can sew whatever's needed for her.

The baby is about 7 months old and generally sleeps on her back.

asked 08 Sep '10, 13:51

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This is just an idea but what if a sock or mitten were sewed to the arm of the sleeper? Make sure the seam is tight enough so no fingers can get trapped... it can always be removed with a seam ripper after it is not needed anymore. You could "mod" several sleepers in this way, one to wear, one to wash, and one in reserve...


answered 08 Sep '10, 16:19

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+1 what a great suggestion! :-) practical and cost free.

(08 Sep '10, 19:10) Emi

+1 Very clever!

(08 Sep '10, 21:11) Neen

+1 for clothing modifications!

(09 Sep '10, 01:52) Scott ♦♦

If you do not want to sew a cover to a slepper, you could add a thread to the end of the sock so that it can be tied around the wrist, so that it does not slip off or is removed during the night.


answered 09 Sep '10, 05:49

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Our little girl kept scratching herself (and us) and mittens or socks proved to be of limited use as she wriggled out of them. We found that sleepsuits with built-in scratch mittens work really well. The mitts can be folded back so that her hands are free for play time, then folded over her hands when she's sleeping to avoid scratching and they are comparably priced to normal suits.

Here's an example similar to what we use (the pictures don't really show the mitts, I'll see if I can find a picture that show it better).


answered 10 Sep '10, 10:45

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Rich Seller
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