We are about to start fostering a couple of 3 year old twins.

I need some ammo under my bed in the form of some good stories I can whip out.

What are some good respurces where I can learn some stories for this age range from?

asked 09 Sep '10, 10:44

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+1 For getting prepared :) You can find many titles in this earlier community question. http://moms4mom.com/questions/101/favorite-books-for-babies-and-toddlers

(09 Sep '10, 11:16) Emi

Thanks. I should clarify, I'm after stories that I can memorise and tell as opposed to books I can read to them.

(09 Sep '10, 11:43) Pongus

@Pongus, reading books to them will lead to memorization... after a few dozen repeats of their favourites, you'll be able to recite them without looking at the page. :)

(11 Sep '10, 02:42) dave0

This web page - Storytelling and Pre-Schoolers: Getting and holding the nursery child's attention - has an outline for a class on story telling taught by a Ph.D. in folklore. I echo her suggestion of checking the library for short stories for children as well as telling family stories. A little homework ahead of story time wouldn't hurt. Write down a short plot outline. Think of what voices you want to use. Think of important themes and emotions. Then practice telling the stories to yourself, out loud. The physical act of practicing speaking is very important when preparing to speak in front of others, even children. To use a sports analogy, athletes don't just start playing their sport the first day the team gets together. They practice with drills and scrimmages to get their body used to the movements it will be called upon to do when the starting whistle blows.

One way you can jazz up family stories is found in the novel [Beach Music] by Pat Conroy. The father in that novel loves telling his daughter stories of his youth featuring his childhood dog, "the Great Dog Chippy", as the main character, but instead of telling historically accurate narratives - the dog was regarded by the other family members as nothing special - he sensationalizes everything. The Great Dog Chippy was the most loyal, loving, ferocious, protective, etc., dog that ever was. It makes for some very interesting stories, but then again, the father was a very auto-biographical character for Conroy, who himself is a fantastic storyteller.


answered 10 Sep '10, 17:03

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Scottie T
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That is an excellent link! Thanks.

(21 Sep '10, 12:56) Pongus

The following website http://ivyjoy.com/fables/ has a number of nursery rhymes and fairy tales for storytelling.


answered 13 Sep '10, 21:33

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I recently found this resource and thought it was absolutely cool. I then remembered the moms4mom website and felt it was a great place to share it:


It is a pay service but cheap and they also have a few free books. I purchased the 6 month plan but will probably renew on their 2 year plan. They have hundreds of online books and basically what you do is sit at your computer (or on your iPad2) and read the story. Your webcam records you as you read the book.

When you're happy with your recording you save it and it is yours to keep FOREVER (I even called the company to confirm this as I didn't want to read a ton of stories and then lose them all if I choose not to renew my membership).

Sometimes I read the stories by myself, sometimes with my daughter. Sometimes grandma reads stories (I gave her my login).

It has been an absolutely invaluable tool for me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Shout out to Scott and Tammy... glad to see your site it still up and running. :-)


answered 13 May '12, 14:51

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