I have a 4 mo baby girl, who's height is 25.5" (90th percentile). Her weight is 14.5 lbs. Her proportions put her on the skinny side of normal.

Her 3-6 mo onesies are way too tight from shoulder to crotch. (That she wears cloth diapers doesn't help.) I've bought some onesie extenders, which should help, but her sleeves are too short too.

The problem with 6-9 mo onesies is that the neck holes are too big, and slip off her shoulders.

So, I'd love to find out from other parents which brands of clothes tend to be longer. Right now, I'm looking for clothing that would either be really long 3-6 mo, or really skinny 6-9 mo sizes, but post whatever you know about whatever size, for all parents of skinny babies in the future!

I'm in the US, but post of whatever brands you know of. Ebay can do wonders for multi-cultural onesie wearing!

asked 16 Sep '10, 14:52

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I wonder if this brand and the brand chart could be helpful for you. We had a couple of pieces from this brand, they were slim fitting as I recall. http://www.petit-bateau.us/size_chart.htm and the brand itself - http://www.petit-bateau.us/onesies_underwear/pl/c/199.html

(22 Sep '10, 08:10) Emi

that's 64.77 centimeters and 6.57708936 kilograms. For the metric-system-guys (like myself)

(15 Oct '10, 08:23) Fisherman

My daughter is also tall for her age, although as an infant I wouldn't of called her slender or skinny, although she is now that she's older.

Most of the time I would look for specific characteristics of clothes rather then the brand. Especially since I bought a lot of her clothes second hand. I always tended to buy the larger onesies when given the choice and really had to look at sleepers to make sure they were longer.

I'm not sure what stores that are similar in Canada and the US. I always found Costco sleepers really inexpensive and of good quality. We also buy a lot of clothes at Joe Fresh Style (Superstore), which I know is Canadian. Most things from The Children's Place or Gymboree were good but more expensive so if we were buying them new we would only shop there when they had big sales.

As she got older I would makes sure that shirts were long in the torso and for pants I buy the size that is long enough in the legs but make sure they have adjustable waists.


answered 17 Sep '10, 01:01

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Did you have the problem with larger onesies falling off her shoulders?

(20 Sep '10, 16:40) Sunday

I only had that problem with the occasional onesie.

(20 Sep '10, 20:57) Tammy ♦♦

I had the same exact problem. I found many many irregular clothes at T.J Maxx & Marshall's. DKNY is a great brand. My baby was irregular so I bought her irregular clothes.She was so happy and warm.xoxo


answered 15 Nov '12, 00:57

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