Our four year old is really interested in what is happening in the world around us, so is asking lots of questions that he is interested in the answer to. I struggle to answer him at times because I want to give a simple but correct answer. Some examples are: "What causes earthquakes?" (we have been having a lot lately), "How does electricity get generated?", "How do seeds grow into plants?"

I am after either a good reference book aimed at the 4-6 year old age group, with pictures and not lots of words (perhaps a simple explanation and then further detail). Alternatively a link to a good website. Most of the ones I have found are aimed at older kids.

asked 30 Sep '10, 04:30

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+1 Great great question...

(30 Sep '10, 09:25) Emi

The two that come to mind right away are the "How The World Works" book, and "The Everything Kids" books.

"The Eveything Kids" books are a whole series on different subjects.

I also just want to congratulate you for taking the not as easy road and explaining these things to your children. I find too often that people take the short road and give nonsense or meaningless explanations to their kids to essentially shut them up. In my experience you can make a significant impact on your childs future by doing exactly what you're doing. Explaining, and encouraging.


answered 30 Sep '10, 15:11

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+1 Excellent advice, I agree totally agree. We spent and still do, a lot of time explaining things patiently and it does pay off in my experience. In addition to your great advice of Explaining and encouraging I would also add "Listening"

(30 Sep '10, 18:06) Emi

+1 @Emi Absolutely! Listening is extremely important, it'll also help to stem off some tantrums. One thing that frustrates children the most is struggling to get their point across, or failing to communicate properly.

(04 Oct '10, 12:46) Jeff 2

If you type these questions into a search engine such as Google, you'll get your answers. Add the word "children" before the question,and you'll probably get search results from sites devoted to children. Give it a try...


answered 30 Sep '10, 06:15

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+1 Very wise to add "children", good point!

(30 Sep '10, 09:28) Emi

Use the internet - show him that although you don't know everything off the top of your head, you know where to look for answers. Wikipedia (simple version, perhaps?) with some guidance and explanation (quality time!) is a good starting point if google does not immediately help you.


answered 30 Sep '10, 07:16

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+1 I agree, but also referring to books and nostalgic encyclopaedia's can be fun too... particularly children s ones with colorful pictures. We went to a book fair and chose a book like that together, my daughter still values it tremendously.

(30 Sep '10, 09:27) Emi
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