My brother's son is about to join a pre school. I would like to get some answers related to preschooling.

  • Is a Preschool Education Important?

  • what is important to learn in preschool education?-

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In my opinion, it depends on your family, and it depends on the child. That being said, I think preschool programs are helpful for any child. Excluding the learning of the alphabet etc, I agree with Emi, and I would focus on these points:

  • The social interactions alone help more than most realize.
  • The beginnings of structure, and a weekly schedule start to get them ready for a real school environment.
  • Preschool represents a responsibility to children, and I've found a lot of children enjoy taking responsibility for themselves in small doses.

But then again, in this economy, preschool might not be an option for some due to costs. Play-dates, park trips, a schedule, and learning sessions with a parent or both parents can substitute this.


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+1 Good points made

(04 Oct '10, 14:39) Emi

I'm sure there are lots of factors. It could depend on where you live and local culture. For instance, this study suggests that "stay-at-home children have a greater risk of mental health problems than their counterparts in rural Anhui province, China."


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I do agree that there are as many factors for Preschool as there are against..It really does boil down to what you and your partner think and feel is right for you and your circumstances. For me this is one of those "there is no single right answer but a choice of many"

(04 Oct '10, 10:07) Emi

Well, in my experience it doesn't matter too much. My older sister and my younger brother went to preschool, while my younger sister and I did not. I don't see a huge difference in any of us as far as intelligence or mental stability. In fact, my older sister is the least social of the four of us, and she is one of the ones who went to preschool.

I'd say that in the long run, it doesn't make too much difference. If you want to send your kids to preschool, find one you like that teaches things you want your kids to learn.


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Yes, in my opinion and experience, Preschool Education is important, and exposure to such an environment can be very beneficial for the development of social skills of children and prepares them very well for the transition into Primary school.

Quoting from an earlier answer;

*In my experience, I think the period of pre school is all about playing, sharing, making friends, and learning in a safe but fun environment. Regular routines like playing "outdoors" "tidy up time" and being with children of a similar age are great in my opinion and you can see the development in children who attend pre schools early on, and I think that this is a good thing.

I am only familiar with the PYP Program (which eventually leads onto the IB International Baccalaureate Program) and am very happy with the results so far. I think Preschool syllabuses can vary between countries.

Here is what the PYP Program (Primary Years Program) stipulates;

  • Each child is valued as an individual with differing interests and abilities which are nurtured, respect and catered for.-
  • The syllabus fosters for intellectual emotional, physical and social development of each child.-
  • The syllabus is geared towards active learning situations which are meaningful to the children’s lives.-
  • Parents are seen as partners in their child’s education and are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in their child’s school life.-
  • Children develop positive attitudes about themselves and learning as well as good social skills.-
  • Children have fun.

I hope this helps throw some light on the topic of Preschool Education for you and your family.


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