My brother's son is 1.6 yrs old. Is it safe to take him with me on a bike or any age limit for it?

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We've taken our toddler out for bike rides since he was 13 months old. We use a seat that goes in the front, over the frame. They also make seats that fit over the back wheel, and trailers that go behind the bike. Be sure to use a helmet.

Regarding which is best, I have had shorter friends say the front seat isn't great because they can't see over it; however, very tall people find that their knees hit the seat. Otherwise they're great because you can see the baby and the baby can see up ahead, which they enjoy.


answered 06 Oct '10, 12:37

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My MIL got my FIL a trailer to pull our daughter in. The trailer's paperwork said not to let children under 1 year ride in it and that all passengers should wear a helmet.

After using it, my FIL said that it did add a little more resistance to his ride. But on the upside, it doubles as a stroller.


answered 07 Oct '10, 04:45

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