My son is almost 14 months old and I still have to break up his food into bite-sized pieces for him.

If I try to give him a piece of toast or anything larger to "bite" from, he either tries to shove the whole thing in his mouth, or takes a HUGE bite that fills up his whole mouth and ends up gagging.

Is there any way I can help teach him this skill, or do I have to wait until he figures it out for himself?

asked 06 Oct '10, 21:56

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+1 Good question, our daughter is two and we still struggle with this. If we give her a whole piece of bread she's a little better then if we give her medium sized things and expect her to take appropriate bites. At the moment we're just trying to remind her to take bites.

(06 Oct '10, 22:01) Tammy ♦♦

Hah, even when I break up the food into bite-sized pieces for my 16 month old, he tries to shove as many pieces as he can into his mouth at once. So I've mostly given up but I try to remind him to CHEW. Half the time he looks like a squirrel hoarding nuts.

(08 Oct '10, 12:55) Anne

Currently (16 months) I try to give my son something to bite, and position my fingers in a way that he can only take a properly sized bite. He sometimes takes a bite himself, when I remind him. I just think that it's something he will learn over time.

Addition: I just thought of something you can try: we often let him nibble on a whole apple. That way he has to bite for himself and can not really get too big chunks into his mouth.


answered 07 Oct '10, 09:09

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+1 Good technique to position fingers like that.

(07 Oct '10, 11:52) Emi

+1 brandstaetter, they do catch on in thier own time from my experience, time and a lot of repeating "small bites, please", from their big people.

(07 Oct '10, 21:29) Neen

In my experience, it happens somewhere in the 18 to 24 month timeframe. Sooner for some kiddos, later for others. But all of my kids were eating 1/2 slices of toast as part of their breakfast by their second birthdays.


answered 07 Oct '10, 21:34

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