My 8 month old developed a low grade fever (his first fever) after sleeping 15.5 hours one night, then napped most of a day and a lot the day after. Fever came back a couple of times over a couple of days. No other symptoms except for chewing everything. Now, no more fever and he's back to his normal schedule, but I expected to see a tooth. Has anyone else experienced something similar to this?

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Is your little one dribbling too?

(08 Oct '10, 08:23) Emi

Speaking from personally experience (not sure if I can find some evidence for it) both my kids showed all the classic signs of teething off and on for five or six months before we actually saw any teeth. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

However my kids also have had the mild fever and sleepness as the result of being exposed to a virus. Normally they will then develop a cough or runny nose as well so if it was to continue I would talk to the Dr or nurse.


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In French they say doubler les gencives, which is (roughly) 'doubling your gums', which apparently entails gums getting larger before teeth actually come. I've not found any references in English. And both our daughters experienced the same phenomenen - teething symptoms with no teeth several months prior to any teeth happening.


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+1 Benjol, I don't think there is a phrase for it in english, but in our family it's know as "stick your finger in there and see if there's a bump". It only works on first time parents though, after that they tend to reply, "YOU stick you finger in and see if there's a bump! I've got bitten trying that with the last baby!"

(11 Oct '10, 07:20) Neen

@Neen :) Yup, them little razor teeth are dangerous..

(12 Oct '10, 06:11) Benjol

He could be teething. My daughter experienced symptoms of teething off and on for a couple of months (first signs of teething around 4 months, first tooth 7 months) before she actually cut her first tooth. On many occasions I would call the doctor or nurses and was told her symptoms were consistent with teething but no tooth would appear. I was told by one of the Public Health Nurses that the tooth can push up causing symptoms then recede for awhile and start again days/weeks later (however, I can't find a clear reference for this anywhere)

Here's a website with more teething information:

If you are concerned about his fever I would talk to your family physician or pediatrician about it to make sure it's not something more serious.


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+1 Tammy, it could easily just be his teeth, but if the fever came back I'd probably take him in to his Dr. to make sure it wasn't something sneaky like a UTI (bladder infection).

(07 Oct '10, 21:28) Neen

Yes, we always had 1-2 days of on/off low grade fever right before a new tooth appeared.


answered 08 Oct '10, 11:55

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For our son, a tooth usually caused 3 occurrences of fever/showing signs of teething. First before anything was visible, then when the tooth came through and sometimes during the final phase again (less fever, more biting)


answered 08 Oct '10, 12:29

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