My brother's son always asks my apple shuffle ipod to hear songs.. Is it recommended to use the same headphone which i use or any other headphones available for toddlers..

asked 08 Oct '10, 04:18

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Pandiya Chendur
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Best advice from me and my 4 kids when it comes to headphones?

Give them the cheapest OVER THE EAR (not bud) headphones you can get. My kids have broken more headphones than I can count.


answered 08 Oct '10, 13:38

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Jeff 2
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+1 for over ear headphones!

(08 Oct '10, 19:39) Emi

I would recommend not to use in-ear earbuds, as they will be too big or simply be uncomfortable. You could get some "normal" headphones; you should have him try them out before buying them. You can get over-the-ear headphones that do not crush the earlobe but are bigger. These might even be more comfortable.

One last thing: make sure you set the parental controls on the device (if available) to restrict the maximum volume!


answered 08 Oct '10, 12:34

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+1 for volume control

(08 Oct '10, 19:36) Emi
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