I was looking at the Safeytat website for Temporary Child ID Tattoos and was wondering whether any parents had ever used them recently, and if so their thoughts about them.

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asked 11 Oct '10, 05:06

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wow, their website gives me a headache. Interesting idea, though.

(11 Oct '10, 07:28) brandstaetter

Similar to what I thought brandstaetter, the thing is the idea is actually great but when I looked at it deeper the "marketing/selling aspect of it seemed very over powering.

(11 Oct '10, 09:06) Emi

Have you tired other sources? Perhaps ask http://www.straytats.com/ or other smaller companies you can find on google?

(11 Oct '10, 15:02) brandstaetter

why using a tattoo, and not a bracelet with phonenumber etc ?

(12 Oct '10, 07:55) Fisherman

I am not a fan of tattoos - real or fake so wouldn't use these but when we travel with our kids on planes or ferry's I have attached a label to my kids. When they were younger a sticker on their back and now something to hang round their necks with our contact details on and also what flight or ferry we are on.

(12 Oct '10, 08:40) K D

My first thought is that it seems like an entirely unnecessary product that only exists because fearful parents will buy any product if you claim it's for "safety".

If you feel the need to label your child with a phone number, save your money and use a pen. If you're worried about it washing off too early (say, at a water park, swimming pool, sweaty soccer game, etc), use a permanent marker (Sharpie brand is good). It takes scrubbing with soap and water to remove.

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answered 14 Oct '10, 04:15

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We went to an outdoor even recently for children. At the gate each child was given a wristband on which the parent wrote their mobile phone number. This way any lost child could be instantly 'repatriated'. Seemed like an excellent idea to me.

(Of course, nothing prevents you just writing the number on the back of their hand, without spending money on tattoos)

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answered 13 Oct '10, 05:58

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