No latching issues so far, but I've heard that this may cause speech problems in the future. Spoke to the ped who suggested NOT to get it clipped.

It appears to be a simple procedure if baby is a few days old. What do you all suggest?

asked 11 Oct '10, 17:21

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First of all, congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I'm sure this is a bewildering time for you, especially if this is your first child. Soak it in. It blows by fast.

I don't have any personal experience with this condition. It seems like you disagree with your pediatrician about the merits of the procedure. If I were in this situation, I would ask our pediatrician about why she doesn't recommend the procedure, and specifically bring up my concern about future speech problems. Since I don't know much about your particular circumstances and the severity of your daughter's condition, I'm not comfortable speculating on behalf of the doctor. Once you know why the doctor made that recommendation, then you can look into it further and decide if you think the reasoning is sound or if you think you should get a second opinion.


answered 11 Oct '10, 18:54

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We had the same thing when the second daughter was born and the doctor's advice was not to intervene unless there were obvious problems nursing. And there weren't.


answered 13 Oct '10, 05:56

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+1 Benjol, my 19 year old niece had it too, she never had a problem nursing, and Heaven knows the girl has never had any problem speaking! :)

(15 Oct '10, 04:06) Neen

I'm curious as to who diagnosed your daughter. When my daughter was a few days old, the Public Health Nurse said that she was tongue tied when she came for her home visit. When she said this I remember feeling slightly relieved because we were having latch issues at the time.

However, when the family Dr. examined our daughter he disagreed and said that she was not tongue tied. He offered that if we were concerned he could recommend us to a paediatrician. At the time we decided to go with our family Dr.'s opinion and waited it out. It turns out that she had what was referred to as a "tight frenulum" that eventually corrected itself and she doesn't appear to have any speech issues.

Here is an article about tongue-tied infants from baby centre:

Regarding speech development it states:

How does tongue-tie affect my child's speech development?

Tongue-tie is sometimes blamed for speech problems. However, there's not much evidence to prove a link (Kummer 2005). In one small study, children's speech problems improved after a minor operation to correct the tongue-tie (Messner et al 2002).

However as Scottie says I would probably go back to the paediatrician and ask more questions about your concerns and why he doesn't recommend correction.


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