Our daughter has a lot of nursing blisters on her upper lip (actually I can't see any non blistered part of the upper lip any more) and also a few on the lower lip. The latch is totally OK and from what I read it is kind of normal and not harmful. To me it still looks like it must be painful/bothersome but I guess it's not as she's not complaining. She also sucks a lot and very vigorously when nursing, so I guess that's where they are coming from. Can anything be done about that?

asked 11 Oct '10, 18:47

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I miss my newborns sweet little nursing blisters!

Which sounds weird, but they arn't actually blisters (according to the pediatrician I had for my oldest), they're calluses on your daughters lips. They only look white and so much like blisters because they're in the very moist enviornment of a newborns mouth (like the calluses on your feet or hands when you've been in the bath long enough to get all wrinkly).

They don't hurt a bit, they'll go away in a couple of months, and they're proof that your daughter is very, very good at her job!


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My daughter had them, and sometimes they'd leave a little flap of skin in the middle after they disappeared (like chapped lips almost). A few hours later, the skin would come off, and I'd pick it off her face or from her tongue, and she'd nurse and get another one! Never bothered her once.

(05 Jan '11, 15:10) Sunday

If your daughter is in pain, then I would ask a pediatrician or a lactation consultant. My wife saw a lactation consultant because nursing was painful for her, not our daughter, and though it was a little expensive, it was very worthwhile.


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Just to clarify, sorry: She doesn't seem to mind the blisters herself, but to me it looks as though it must hurt, especially the big blister in the middle ... On the other hand, babies really don't seem to mind some of the things that bother adults, such as the hiccups she's having. But if there is something (natural) we can do about them, I'd like to know.

(11 Oct '10, 19:19) Alexander

Our son had blisters too (although not as bad as you describe). We did nothing special, and the blisters disappeared after a while.

Perhaps leaving some drops of breast milk on the blisters can help?


answered 11 Oct '10, 19:24

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+1 Good idea about leaving some drops of breast milk on the blisters.

(12 Oct '10, 05:49) Emi
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