We would like to send out birth announcements of our new born baby girl. Where can I find ideas on birth announcements?

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There are a great number of fun answers to this earlier question that may be inspiring for you! Congratulations as well ! http://moms4mom.com/questions/1475/novel-ways-of-breaking-the-news

(14 Oct '10, 11:57) Emi

When one of my cousins was born, my aunt and uncle sent out an announcement that looked as if his older brother had written it, complete with misspelled words and child-like phrases. (Older brother was only two at the time so it is highly unlikely that he was really the one to write it.)

When my brother was born, since my dad was a band teacher, mom made up announcements that looked kinda like playbills, announcing that my brother had arrived for an unlimited engagement.


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There are a number of websites like this one where you can upload pictures to design your own birth announcements. They will print the copies and send them to you to mail out.


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