Does anyone have any good recommendations for a carseat & stroller, or travel system, that is compact enough to comfortably fit in an 2007 Chevy Silverado extended cab truck?

My friend is wondering, and I'm thinking something like the Graco travel system I have would be a really tight, uncomfortable fit as the stroller takes up the whole cargo area of my Ford Edge. I can't imagine trying to squeeze it into the back seat of a truck. I have seen some interesting travel systems that look much leaner and meaner than the bulky Graco ones, but I don't know the brand or where to buy them.

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We have a GMC Sierra extended cab and never had any difficulties with the Graco Quatro travel system. However, if we brought the stroller along, we always put it in the back of the truck with the Tonneau cover on.

However, if you are expecting to put the entire thing in the backseat something like this Graco Snap N Go system might be better.


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Thanks, I figured someone on this site owned an extended cab truck. Also, makes two suggestions of the Snap N Go.

(14 Oct '10, 21:20) JustinP8

Extra detail: our truck is an '02 an only has the child seat hooks in the middle seat of the back bench. I assume since the question is asking about an '07, it should have restraints in all 3 places. In my case, I ended up using the regular seat belt method of attachment so that I could sit her on the passenger side rather than in the middle. It was very difficult getting her in and out of the middle.

(20 Oct '10, 22:50) Scott ♦♦

There are quite a few answers here about choosing strollers and car seats. JBunky's suggestion of the Baby Bargains book is particularly good as they have a section in the book discussing what strollers are best depending on your needs.

Personally, what worked well for us when our son was an infant is the Snap N Go type options. We got the Baby Trends brand, which worked with our Graco infant car seat, but I believe Graco has a similar type of product. It's just a frame stroller that you can snap the infant car seat into. It worked great for us until my son outgrew the infant car seat.


answered 14 Oct '10, 20:10

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