My son's birthday party is tomorrow. Maybe we didn't plan well enough, but now it's occurred to us that we don't know how we're going to entertain the kids tomorrow! I was thinking that they'd be able to entertain themselves - there's loads of toys around the place - but I'm also thinking that we have to do something..

.. so, I'm appealing for ideas! What's a quick-and-easy way to entertain about 10 kids in the house on a saturday afternoon???

asked 15 Oct '10, 21:10

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Some games I remember playing that three year olds could play would be:

Duck Duck Goose
Musical Chairs

A fun game I remember playing as a kid at my birthday parties was a version of "hot potato" but in reverse. My mom would wrap a prize in a plastic bag, then wrap it 5 to 10 times (we never knew how many times) in newspaper and/or wrapping paper combinations. She usually used masking tape to make it easier to tear and it was visible enough to determine one layer from the next.

Like hot potato you would start the music and pass the "gift ball" around. Someone who wasn't watching would stop the music at different intervals and whoever had the ball when the music stopped got to peel off a layer of the gift. We kept going until only the prize in the first plastic bag was left and whoever peeled off the last layer one the prize.

Of course the rule was that you couldn't hoard the ball. You had to keep passing until the music stopped.

I also found this website with more party game ideas for kids of different ages.


answered 15 Oct '10, 23:18

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Lots of cool ideas on that website.

(13 May '11, 22:49) K D

Let them go "fishing" for bags of door prizes. Get a length of yarn, tie one end to a dowel rod or broomstick and the other end to a clothespin or clip of some sort. Drop the clip end over a sheet stretched across a doorway. Have someone hiding on the other side to attach a door prize or goody bag to the clip. Then "reel" it in.


answered 14 May '11, 14:24

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Play some music. Some fun activities like dance party. Give some small gifts and chocolates.


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make games at home. Hot potato, musical chairs. Go to the dollar store for prizes. you can play more then once. if you have some buckets and a small ball play the bozo game. have a stirp of tape on the floor where the kids can not pass and throw the ball in the buckest line up. Who throws in the fartest wins. if you do not have any buckest have pots or some bowls about five or six of them. you can take a broomstick take off the brush in the end, if possible, and play some music have the kids line up and have them play limbo. who can go the lowest wins. the kid who touches the pole gets out of line. Another game can provide the kids with a paper bag, you can decorate them if you have time with each childs name, and hide different candies or toys around the house, places you want the kids to go to, and have the kids go around and fill their bags with the items they find around the house.


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Ehow.com posted some great ideas about games appropriate for three-year-olds such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hot potato, Musical chairs and simon says. You can visit the site for the game mechanics.


answered 20 Dec '12, 21:21

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