Today I came across this pretty spectacular clip and I wanted to share it with the users on Moms4mom, the clip as the title suggests is an animation clip of Did you know how you were born? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I found it fascinating and intoxicating.


I managed to find the Youtube link as well, Genesis by Ramos David

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asked 20 Oct '10, 15:44

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Is there a non-facebook version? I don't have access to facebook at work.

(20 Oct '10, 16:00) Anne

@Anne and Alexander, I am glad that I was able to find it, hope you enjoy it!

(20 Oct '10, 18:14) Emi

Thanks, it was worth complaining :)

(20 Oct '10, 19:33) Alexander

Thanks for sharing, it was interesting. Reminded me a little of scenes from the movie Look Who's Talking.

(20 Oct '10, 20:01) Tammy ♦♦

This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. (on youtube)

(21 Oct '10, 09:05) brandstaetter

@brandstaetter, blocked in which country?

(21 Oct '10, 09:30) Emi
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