My 2-year-old daughter started pre-school about 5 weeks ago. She goes for 4 hours a day, twice a week. Today she told my wife, "Emily was crying today." (She still refers to herself in the third person). When my wife asked why, she said, "A girl pushed Emily in her belly."

The story seems a bit too specific to be made up, and it's the first time she's ever mentioned someone pushing her, so I'm inclined to believe it.

I'm upset to be hearing this. Not because she was pushed, because she's gotten worse at the playground, but because I had to hear it from her and not the teacher. On the other hand, I'm new to pre-school and toddlers, so maybe this is standard behavior and not considered worth mentioning.

So my question is this: should the teacher have told me about her being pushed? How much information should I expect about this type of stuff?

asked 21 Oct '10, 00:32

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When I worked at a daycare it was our policy to fill out a report if a child was hurt/injured or injured another child. If no injury occurred then we dealt with the incident at that time and move on with our day.

If it does concern you, you could ask to be more informed. You should ask about the preschools policy in informing you of incidents such as what happened with your daughter.


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My answer would be it would it depends. If my son (4) was pushed by another kid and he was hurt by it or it upset him then I would expect that they would tell me. I would also expect that if it was happening regularly then I would like to know.

It is possible that none of the teachers observed your daughter being pushed or it was an accidental or it was a relatively minor incident. My daughter 2.5 sometime will push lightly another child as a way of saying leave me alone. She doesn't necessarily have the words to communicate this. While I am not say it is acceptable behaviour is is probably common with kids your daughters age.

When I would be concerned was if it become a common occurance because it may mean that there are some issues at the preschool with managing kids behaviour. They should have a policy around this one.

If you are concerned talk with the preschool.


answered 21 Oct '10, 01:42

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+1 Good points,

(21 Oct '10, 06:05) Emi

And conversely, if my child was regularly doing the pushing, I'd also want to be informed.

(21 Oct '10, 06:10) Benjol

I would as well

(21 Oct '10, 08:48) K D
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