My 5 year old is pretty good with her Halloween stash. We can tell her to put it somewhere safe and she will ask us before she gets anything out of it. We can also trust her to only get the number of pieces that we say she can have.

But my 2 year old has a sensitivity to sugar (causes severe diarrhea) while also having a big sweet tooth and very little self-control. We have to watch him like a hawk around sweets, keep his stash hidden and give it to him piece by piece. (Our town starts the celebrations early so they each already have a stash from this year's Halloween and we still have 3 or 4 events to go.)

What are ways we can keep our son from getting too much sugar at once, but also teach him self-control? What are different ways of letting your children have their sweets?

asked 22 Oct '10, 03:48

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+1 Good question, but can't help I'm afraid, my 6 year old daughter has better self control than me when it comes to sweets and chocolates!

(22 Oct '10, 11:06) Emi

My middle son not only eats his sweets as soon as he gets them, he also has previously eaten all of his advent calenday and his sisters in one go and has also put teeth marks in our cable remote and chewed the covers on the Wii remotes! Thankfully it his older brother that is diabetic! :)

(22 Oct '10, 11:35) pipthegeek

"One for you, two for me, one for you..." :)

(26 Oct '10, 23:06) Scott ♦♦

I started writing an answer last week, but given that we don't do Halloween here like you do in the States, I figured someone better qualified might provide a better answer.

Putting aside all the Halloween context, I wonder whether self-control isn't a lot to expect from a 2 year-old. Especially when there are sweets concerned. I'd be content to settle for trying to teach him patience for a start.

So controlling his stash yourself sounds like a good option, and teaching him to wait until whatever time you think is appropriate.

Of course, age is not everything. Some people are natural hoarders, others aren't. As Emi says, even us adults have trouble with sweets and chocolate!


answered 25 Oct '10, 05:41

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If it makes you feel better, the town where we live makes a bigger deal out of Halloween than any other town I've ever lived in.

My daughter at 2 would choose fruit over her Halloween candy, so this wasn't something we had to deal with the first time around.

(25 Oct '10, 12:32) mkcoehoorn
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