Here is my dilemma:

In January, we are heading to Disney World in Florida with our twin sons (who will be just about to turn 2 then). We are going with our extended family as this trip is a Christmas gift from Grandma/Grandpa. We have stayed in a hotel room on a few other occasions, but it has always been a suite style room where we can put the boys to bed in their pack-n-plays in a separate room or around the corner where they cannot see us. For this trip, we are staying in a standard double bed room where the boys will be able to see us. They will not lay down and go to sleep if they can see us in the room. At home we put them in their cribs and they immediately stand up and cry, until we leave the room, and then they go to sleep.

I'm looking for any creative ideas or suggestions as to how to get them to sleep without my husband and I having to hide in the washroom until they give up and go to sleep. I was hoping we would have an adjoining room with another family member where we could go and still be near them, but the resort we're staying at does not having adjoining rooms. Anyone have any ideas?

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Shannon B
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Great question, I"m sure this will be coming up for us some day in the future.

(23 Oct '10, 00:25) Tammy ♦♦

What about side-by-side rooms and taking a baby monitor? That's a tough question - good luck :)


answered 23 Oct '10, 03:40

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This will probably be our best bet, but we are travelling in a group of 20 so they can't guarantee that our rooms will be near each other.

(23 Oct '10, 12:36) Shannon B

I remember sitting in the bathroom playing cards or reading with my wife as we waited for our son to go to sleep. Not a very comfortable option, but an option nonetheless.


answered 24 Oct '10, 12:44

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Either the bathroom, or (if your baby monitor range allows it) a common room at the hotel. That worked for us so far.

(27 Oct '10, 07:17) brandstaetter

Most hotels have those giant carts to move luggage around. Maybe you could borrow a couple of them for the evening and drape some blankets over them as a room separator?


answered 23 Oct '10, 05:23

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That is a great idea!

(23 Oct '10, 12:37) Shannon B

When we took our daughter on a trip to Montreal, we had a suite that had a kitchen area (great when you have a child) and a separate sitting room from the bedroom. This was invaluable. She slept in her playpen in the sitting room. Of course to get the same price, you usually have to give up other amenities (location, for example - so be willing to drive/walk further).


answered 24 Oct '10, 18:16

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On one occasion when my family was at a resort in Wisconsin Dells, we put the kids to bed and we sat in the hallway playing cards until they were asleep. We stuck a shoe or something in the door way so that it was mostly shut but we could still hear the kids.


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What about renting a privately owned vacation homes near Disney give vacationers increased privacy, their own kitchen, private bedrooms, private pool area, and best of all more space for the family and less cost.



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Tammy ♦♦

Friends of ours recently mentioned that they were able to ask the hotel staff to put up a curtain in their hotel room to divide the space between a baby sleep area and their own sleep area. I don't believe this would be possible in all hotel room, but it might be worth asking about.


answered 05 Sep '11, 09:59

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Tammy ♦♦
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