What are ways that we can build up our daughters (and sons) and help them to feel good about themselves even if they don't fit the common perception of "beauty" or "success?"

I've been thinking about this a lot since I read this story. I've also taken a look at Operation Beautiful and am starting a post-it campaign in my church and community.

What are some other ways we can help our daughters grow into confident young women who know that their worth is more than skin deep?

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asked 01 Nov '10, 15:50

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Thanks for posing this question...very interested to see replies.

(01 Nov '10, 18:09) blue

+1 Thanks for the interesting links and question posed!

(02 Nov '10, 09:55) Emi

Good question. This is something I've thought a lot about. My thoughts aren't particularly from anything I've read just my experiences in my own life and in working with children and families.

In my experience children often don't believe it when their parents tell them they are great, smart, beautiful, handsome, strong etc. It's as if they know their parents feel that way but expect their parents perceptions to be skewed or assume they are lying because they love them. However, I have to say that if they don't receive that praise from their parents or are told the opposite (you're ugly, stupid etc..) there is a significnat negative effect on self-image.

I've always recommended that parents and children (depending on the age) work together to find the child's talents and pursue those, be it art, sports, music, working with your hands... Everyone has something they are good at where they can feel a sense of accomplishment. It would be from those activities and the recognition you receive from community and peers (and parents too) where we build our self-esteem.

Here is an article that discuss how our self-concept is based on our actions in the world. They refer to it as efficacy-based self-esteem.

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answered 02 Nov '10, 20:08

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I think the best way is to appreciate their work. This will help them to do better and be confident. I think it is not only looks which makes ones personality, but confidence matters too. To try making for child confident, of what ever he does.

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answered 10 Nov '10, 20:16

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