I have a 10 (nearly 11) month old baby and he hates his cot and wants to be sleeping with me. How can I get him to start liking his cot??

Please, if you know of anything tell me! Thank you.

asked 03 Nov '10, 13:25

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Did you always co-sleep? When did you notice that he hates his cot? What are you already trying when you put him in his cot?

(03 Nov '10, 13:32) brandstaetter

no he started sleeping with me about 3 months ago his never realy liked his cot. When i put him in his cot i will lay him down with his dummy and put music on with a little light and when i go out the room he will not stop crying i dont no what els to do

(03 Nov '10, 15:28) jade

answers to this similar question may be helpful to you http://moms4mom.com/questions/5861/my-baby-wont-sleep-in-his-crib-help-please

(04 Nov '10, 02:00) Tammy ♦♦

With my girls (now 7 and 3 yrs old) I had them sleep with me just cause it was easier to feed them at night and if I was paranoid can check on them in a second and fall right back to sleep. To transition them to their own beds I'd put their matress on the floor right beside my bed and after they've fallen asleep lay them in their matress. When they got used to that I'd move their matress back to their own bed in their own room. If you have the space on your floor you could try this.


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