We have a 4 and a half year old who comes to our bed 2 or 3 times a night, he just climbs into bed and is sound asleep, he doesn't even protest when we return him to bed.

He used to be able to sleep all night in his own bed but in the last few months he's consistently visiting us during the night.

We tried making a chart of the nights he slept in his own bed (and promised a prize if he goes a whole week) but it wasn't successful, the problem is that he seems to be (at least partially) sleep walking so even though we discuss things during the day they have no effect at night.

This child is the second of three, (7 and 2), at first we thought that this was a reaction to the new baby but it's been a while and the baby isn't a baby anymore...

asked 10 Nov '10, 13:15

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Bemused Dad
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+1 Good question. When you talk about it can he give you reasons why he comes to sleep in your bed?

(10 Nov '10, 14:41) Tammy ♦♦

@Tammy, most time he doesn't even remember coming to our bed, he came to use very happy saying that he slept in his bed all night and it breaks my heart to tell him no you didn't you came to us twice. He claims to have scary dreams so we gave him a flash light and guardian dolls but that helped for one night and then it was back to normal.

(10 Nov '10, 14:54) Bemused Dad

Have you thought about putting a stair gate on his bedroom door?

There's a risk he might curl up on the floor instead (like my son did a couple of times!) - but it sounds like he has enough presence of mind to head for the warmth of a bed, this might turn him back to his.


answered 14 Nov '10, 08:33

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I suggested locking our door but that we vetoed by SHMBO...

(14 Nov '10, 19:05) Bemused Dad

@Bemused Dad - A stair gate is a much less drastic option than a closed door IMHO. Plus you/they can still hear each other.

(15 Nov '10, 21:49) Mungo

+1 @Mungo I wouldn't shut my bedroom door either, but I think I'd try a gate...

(18 Nov '10, 19:58) Neen

Given your description and the fact that he does not remember coming to your bed, maybe you are correct and he is sleep walking. If that is the case perhaps it is something you can bring up with your family physician or pediatrician?


answered 11 Nov '10, 21:02

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Tammy ♦♦
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