So our three old is very routine based. Everything has to be just so for her to happy at bedtime which is fine. She does great and sleeps through the night 99% of the time. Trouble is that we'd like her to transition out of her crib but her crib is in the same room as her bed. She sees the bed as sort of a fun thing to play with and not really something she'd sleep on.

Any suggestions for getting her to get into the bed? I'm sort of thinking the only way out is going to be to force the issue and get rid of the crib in her room.

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You could try having her nap in her bed for a time, while still letting her sleep in the crib overnight.

Also you can explain that she is becoming a big girl, and big girls sleep in beds, not cribs.

If you are planning to have another baby, or know someone you would like to pass the crib on to, you could play it up as a "gift" from your daughter to the new baby. Let her help "wrap" it up with a ribbon and stick a bow on it.

I would hold the disappearing crib for a last resort.


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When our daughter transitioned from a crib to a bed. We made the big girl bed a birthday gift and let her choose her bedding.

We just took the crib out and replaced it with the bed. The crib is now in another room waiting for the new baby but it was important to us for her to feel like it wasn't being taken away from her for the baby so we made sure to make the transition early enough.

Initially she saw the bed as a fun thing to play on as well. The first night she resisted and said to us "I don't want it" but since it was the only option we just made sure to make her feel comfortable, kept the same bedtime routine, read her some books in bed and eventually she was tired enough, gave in and went to sleep. The next few nights there was little to no protest about sleeping in the big girl bed but she did learn that she can get up out of it on her own and that was a new transition.


answered 12 Nov '10, 02:50

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We dove in head first and removed the crib and installed the bed on the same day.

We did have a crib with one removable side, that had been off for a few months leading up to that day, and we made a big thing about my son moving to a 'big boys bed' - I don't remember having any trouble.


answered 14 Nov '10, 08:31

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