I'm having very sleepless nights with my 6 month old daughter. Previously we got to just one wake and feed at 4am then sleep till 7.30 but recently she's up every hour from 10 pm and it's really difficult to get her back off, she's wide awake. I've tried to get more milk in her before bed but I dint think she's waking because she's hungry. Help , im exhausted!!

asked 12 Nov '10, 20:25

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If it has been more than a few days it is possibly not a growth spurt and you need your sleep.

My thoughts/suggestions based on my kids one of whom was not a good sleeper for the first year of her life.

  • have you started her on food yet. If not this possible a sign that she is ready and if you have then maybe you should try introducing another meal.
  • Is it possible to share the getting up to her with her dad? I was primarily the person who got up to our kids in the middle of night but when it was really bad we would do it in shifts. My husband before 1am and me after that.
  • If she isn't hungry but wants to play (which my daughter was like sometimes) have you tried giving her some toys to play with and then going back to bed or leaving some toys in the cot after she is asleep.
  • It is possible that it is teeth, in which case have a look at the answer on dealing with teeth that are on here.
  • I am not sure where you live but has there been a change in the overnight temperature and she might be getting cold or hot.

I hope something here helps. To encourage you this period should pass ,my daughter is now 2.5 and sleep really well overnight (except for when we have an earthquake in the middle of the night which we are having at regular intervals at present)


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+1 A lot of good points, particularly starting food or adding a meal.

(13 Nov '10, 20:55) Tammy ♦♦

6 months is about time for a growth spurt so she may be just need more milk right now. The good news is that growth spurts usually don't last too long, most articles say 2-4 days. I don't remember the details with my daughter's growth spurts anymore, I guess I blocked them out. I'm not sure if your baby is breastfed or bottle fed but if you can it might be helpful to stagger feedings with your partner if you can to help get through these days.


answered 12 Nov '10, 20:37

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Tammy ♦♦
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+1. I'd like to block out year one, please.

(13 Nov '10, 00:24) blue

@ Blue it's amazing how much of the difficult times we do seem to forget. Maybe that helps us decide to have more children?

(13 Nov '10, 17:43) Tammy ♦♦
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