My daughter is four and is very independent, which I appreciate and encourage. But she still needs "mommy time" and that's okay. The problem is she waits until I am busy with her 1 year old brother or am otherwise occupied (ie fixing dinner or going to the bathroom) to ask for me to do something with her. When I put my son down for a nap and try to do something with her, she doesn't want me around. How can I show her that she is still important to me, even when I am busy with something else?

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I would stress her importance as a big sister and enlist her as a helper as much as possible. You could also set aside a certain time each day where daddy takes care of the little one and you get to spend one on one time doing things she enjoys as a regular routine. Another thing that often helps is to ask her opinion on things, even if its something trivial like should we have peas or carrots with dinner tonight. The more important you can make her feel, the better her confidence will be. Also why don't you try asking her to do things with you for a change - if she asks you to play dollies while you are making supper, why not nicely decline but counter offer and ask her if after supper she would play another activity with you.


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Try to have her help you while you are busy with her brother

  • Let her help with cooking - tell her only big kids can cook with mommy.
  • Let her change her brothers diaper (you can always fix it when she leaves).
  • let her pick an outfit by herself for him one day
  • ask her to babysit him while you cook - even if he's close to you she will think she's really helping out!
  • Let her buy him a toy
  • Once he gets to eating food by spoon she can feed him for you (my 1 1/2 year old did great feeding her brother)

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