Our daughter is just over two years old and she understands shapes, and some numbers, but she can't respond to "what colour is this?" with any accuracy. It seems to me that colours are a much more abstract concept. What age did your child learn their colours, and is there any normal range for this?

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I don't know if it's typical, but for my son, colors were among the early words, about 2 years old or shortly thereafter. He could identify yellow, blue, green, red, etc. so early that it would come out "wallow", "boo", "geen", etc. By the time he was three, his grasp of colors (and pronunciation) was on par with adults, other than for truly obscure color synonyms like ochre or chartreuse (which I'm shaky on as well).


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My kids have so far picked up colours pretty early (around 2 years old) but most of the other children in their kindergarten only understood colours closer to the age of 3.

In my experience the process of understanding colours is gradual, matching colours (e.g. putting all the red blocks together) is earlier (around 18 months) than naming and understanding colour's names. My children (and their friends) first recognise and name the colour red and add additional colours incrementally. In fact the first stage was often using the word red as a place-holder for any colour.


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