My little son shows a lot of interest in playing instruments (I play a guitar) and I was wondering if anyone has an experience with starting to teach their child to play an instrument early on (3-5 old) I looked up some info on line and Shin'ichi Suzuki and his method seems to the thing for small children's music education. I would like to know how using his method played out long term. Please share your experiences.

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+1 Good question, I've been wondering the same thing about the Suzuki method. My 3 year old is fascinated with her older brothers violin, but he didn't show interest until he was 9.

(18 Nov '10, 15:14) Neen

Our daughter also appeared to show a lot of interest in music early on. I've never heard of the Suzuki method before today so I can't comment on that specifically; however, after a quick google search it sounds as if the program we decided to use follows a similar philosophy.

We enrolled our daughter in music classes from Music for Young Children. She is now two and has been going weekly for about a year. The idea is to expose her to music, rhythms, and playing simple instruments early on. It's also fun and helps provide opportunities to socialize with other children. The program also offers pre-piano classes starting at around 3 years and her instructor will start to teach piano to certain students around 4 years.

I have looked into guitar lessons for our daughter but most of them suggest beginning around age 10. I've been told it has something to do with the size of their hands when trying to hold and play the instrument.


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+1 For info in last paragraph

(17 Nov '10, 20:46) Emi

Just one data point, but that's how these youngsters got started:


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