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My wife and I are totally stuck and stalemated on our second baby's boy name. It seems like we've gone through every possible name but none feel right to both of us.

What are some good ideas and online resources to help us find a good name and agree on it?

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Take a look at the previous Choosing a Name question for some ideas.


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I think the best baby name site is Baby Name Wizard. I'm a bit of a naming statistics nerd, but I've got nothing on Laura Wattenberg. She's assembled not only the SSA statistics, but breaks down name popularity by state, political leanings, income, and population density. She also includes name definitions, variations, etc. She also writes a blog with a VERY lively comments section. It's a great site!

FWIW, I think boys names are harder than girls. For a while, we second-guessed our boys name, as it was becoming kind of trendy. We struggled to find another boys name we could both agree on. In the end, we stuck with our original choice.

Good luck!


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Babycenter has a pretty good list. You can find all kinds of names inspired by different things. -

  • Baby names inspired by explorers
  • Baby names inspired by faith and spirituality
  • Baby names inspired by fashion designers

babycenter has a name poll also - once you have narrowed it down to a few names.


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