I would like to know what other parents think about children s clothing that is currently available on the market, in our respective countries, because I am finding that it is getting harder to find "sensible" "well priced" "simple" articles of clothing for my daughter. There are many brands it seems but choosing items that are not "over designed" and "highly fashionable" is becoming more and more difficult.

In addition to this, I also feel like more and more children s clothing has also become over saturated with emblems, prints and patterns of all sorts of characters. Is this just the power of marketing or do you think young children really enjoy having these characters emblazoned on everything from undergarments,clothing through to pajamas?

I would really like to know how other parents feel about this too.

EDIT:I just spotted this article and I really welcome this as good news,and a step in the right direction at least. Some products for children facing age curb plan

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asked 30 Nov '10, 13:12

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Our daughter is only 2 at the moment but I find that we can go either way. There are some stores (generally department stores) that have sensible, well priced clothing and accessories (shoes, coats, hats). However, there are definately a number of stores that have what you refer to as over designed and highly fashionable items that can be quite expensive. We tend to buy the sensible everyday items, and let grandparents choose the occasional "fancy" outfit for special occasions.

As far as marketing, I agree it can be difficult at times to get things (not just clothing) without characters emblazoned all over them. This summer I wanted to get my daughter a pair of sensible sandals and all I could find were shoes with Disney and other characters on them. At two she often doesn't care either way, but I would prefer that my daughter not be a walking billboard. If in the future if she really wants clothes/shoes with Disney princesses or Dora etc.. on them then that would be different because at that point she would have more of an opinion and the option to choose (within reason of course).

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answered 30 Nov '10, 15:22

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+1 It's certainly possible to find sensible stuff, but I do agree with Emi that it seems like there's a lot over-designed and over-advertised and over-fancy stuff. Staying clear of that though (and not only in clothing).

(01 Dec '10, 02:58) Alexander

It also depends on the ad on the clothes. My two year old is going through a train phase, so I got him a Thomas the Tank Engine outfit for Christmas. He won't know who Thomas is, but he will love that there is a train on his shirt. My daughter (5) likes princesses, but she knows that Spongebob is not allowed in our house so she doesn't even ask.

(01 Dec '10, 17:59) mkcoehoorn
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