I noticed that my 6 year old has developed blisters in the palms of her hands. At first these were just slightly red, and a little sore according to her. When I asked how they came about she explained that during recess she played on the Play Frame in play ground at school.

Although I advised her not to do so for a while, it seems that she enjoys it too much because now her left hand has a blister that was very painful on Friday, but has healed slightly (it's dried out a bit) because I have been applying an antiseptic cream on it regularly.

What can I do other than trying to ban her from using the Monkey Bars?

My own solution:
It seems that the solution is Chalk or Talcum Powder actually helps stop the skin from blistering due to the friction. My mother reminded me of that fact. During gymnastics and I recall using powder on my hands after every couple of rounds on the bars.

asked 05 Dec '10, 18:29

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+1 for bringing back memories. I spent hours "on the bars" when I was in primary school :)

(06 Dec '10, 08:18) Benjol

Oh yeah. I forgot about the powder that we used for the uneven bars in gymnastics.

(10 Mar '11, 20:58) Tammy ♦♦

Yes Tammy me too....until my mother suggested it in such a matter of fact way... !

(11 Mar '11, 03:34) Emi

Well, one thing would be to let her use the monkey bars instead of banning her from doing it. Yes, blisters are not a great thing to endure but this is actually the normal natural reaction of the human body to putting high pressure on the skin for a long time. The body does this to protect itself.

Take guitar players for example. Playing a lot can be painful ... until you get a thick enough callus on the finger tip.

Source: http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Callus

That said, if all she ever gets are blisters or the calluses look too bad or it bleeds etc. you need to do something.


answered 05 Dec '10, 19:47

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Thanks for your answer. Actually the blister looked bad which is why I posted the question. I am worried that if she doesn't let it heal it may get infected, because the skin actually looked red and raw, and whether there anything that can be used to prevent blisters.

(05 Dec '10, 21:16) Emi

Sure, if the blister is not healed yet, especially if it opened up and the delicate new skin is showing, she should not be using the monkey bars. But after that, there should be no problem at all. Except for maybe new blisters :) I'm not sure if there's such a thing as oversensitivity etc. though. Some Google pictures of blisters look rather disturbing. I usually put a patch on blisters, if I know I'll be doing something that I don't want to come into direct contact with the new skin and quickly remove it after, as free contact with air helps them heal.

(06 Dec '10, 00:09) Alexander

I agree that they will toughen up, but in the mean time you could treat them with antiseptic spray or similar when she gets home to stop any infection getting in.

(13 Feb '11, 11:02) Meg Stephenson

Seems to me like it should be a pretty self-limiting problem. If the blisters get bad, she'll stop playing on the monkey bars until they heal. If they're not bad enough that she avoids the cause, they probably aren't bad enough for you to worry about.


answered 05 Dec '10, 23:22

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What you say makes sense Igritz, thanks, but I am afraid that the "self limiting process" will only occur when the blisters become unbearable for her, and I guess her "discomfort" threshold is rather high at the moment. The adrenalin and thrill probably disguised the pain/discomfort until she came home, whereby even trying to wash her hands was enough to make her cry. It's only then she realized the pain. I guess my concern is that it will become infected.

(06 Dec '10, 06:13) Emi

Well the pain part if kind of always true for kids. I can even remember myself and my mother told me countless times. Scratched hands, open knees etc. don't even get notices, while you are playing, but try to let mom clean the wound or even look at it at bed time and the crying/hurting starts to be unbearable :)

(07 Dec '10, 01:13) Alexander

well ive heard of a product you can purchase thats a type of grip for the hands, like a gel rubber based band that not only protects the palms, but help with grip along the bars.


answered 10 Feb '11, 17:34

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