We are going on a sunny vacation in a few days and I wanted to pick up some swimming diapers before we left to be used in the pool. However, it turns out that December is not a good time to buy swimming diapers in Canada - no one is selling them at the moment! I've checked several stores and have been unable to find them.

I know that regular diapers and the pool do not mix. Anyone else ever had a regular diaper explode in a pool? You only need to try that once. :)

So, I was wondering about pull-ups. Swimming diapers seem a lot like pull-ups, but I'm not sure how absorbent they are. Do they explode in water too?

Can pull-up diapers be used in a pool?

asked 06 Dec '10, 16:03

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+1 Very practical question :)

(06 Dec '10, 16:17) Emi

Interesting. I've never had trouble finding little swimmers in the Winter in Canada. Our daughter always does swimming lessons in the winter and we need the diapers. I've never found the Pampers brand ones (Splasher?) however. You can also get resuable swim diapers; however, I couldn't tell you much about the options as I have never bought them myself.

(06 Dec '10, 16:24) Tammy ♦♦

Tammy, where did you get the Little swimmers? I've looked at Shoppers, Loblaws and Sobeys.

(06 Dec '10, 16:37) cat_g

I found some swim diapers at Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago. They were on clearance so I stocked because there weren't many left, but there were some there.

(06 Dec '10, 16:57) mkcoehoorn

I usually get them at Shoppers or Superstore.

(06 Dec '10, 20:02) Tammy ♦♦

I haven't had an issue either - try Wal-Mart or Safeway too.

(06 Dec '10, 20:46) Kate
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Well, I decided to do a little experiment with a pull-up diaper. I filled up the sink with water and put the pull-up in the water. Sadly, the diaper was sacrificed in the name of science.

What I have learned is, pull-ups and the pool are NOT a good idea. It swelled up to the point of almost exploding. I'm sure if my little guy had been wearing it, it definitely would have exploded.

So, no pull-up diapers cannot be used in the pool.


answered 06 Dec '10, 16:07

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+1 Clever to make your own experiment too :) Which makes me ask, if that's the case what's the difference between pull-ups and little swimmers that I have noticed in the supermarket? They didn't exist when my 6 year old was in nappies/diapers. (They serve the purpose of nappies though I understand? )

(06 Dec '10, 16:19) Emi

Emi, they keep stuff in, but they don't absorb anything. So you get an explosion (of a different sort), when you take them off...

(07 Dec '10, 05:54) Benjol

Emi, pull-ups and little swimmers look almost the same. But the pull-ups have that absorbent gel and the little swimmers don't.

(07 Dec '10, 19:19) cat_g

@Benjol and @cat_g thanks :)

(12 Dec '10, 11:35) Emi

I tried an experiment of my own this evening. I have an incontinence problem and have been trying the new (to me anyway) Depends panty style diaper for women. I had one on and a control panty over that, and we decided to get into our pool. I thought at first of removing it, then decided it would be a good way to test them. I put my swim skirt and panty on over the control brief, and in the pool we went. I was amazed at how much water the depends absorbed. It really swelled but I don't think it would have burst. Of course, the control panty was of some help too. I like the added protection of the control panty, keeps the diaper from falling down when it gets full and heavy. I'm glad I tried this before reading about diapers exploding.

(10 Jun '11, 05:06) Rachael74

I would suggest you pick up a cloth swim diaper (Bummis makes an affordable one at around $10-$15 depending where you buy) - they can be used over and over again, and serve the same purpose as the swim diaper - catching anything that might come out and keeping it from ending up in the pool.

For example you can buy them here: http://www.amazon.com/Bummis-Swimmi-Diapers-Turtles-Medium/dp/B0018Z07FY/ref=sr_1_4?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1291655634&sr=1-4 and I'm sure if you check out your local Craigslist/Kijiji and/or local baby supplies stores they would also have some there.


answered 06 Dec '10, 17:15

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Conventional nappies/diapers are by design going to absorb as much water as they can and swell up massively, so I wouldn't use them in a pool or the sea.

I'd recommend getting nappies designed for swimming in, I did find them on sale at this website, though if you need them on short notice that might not be so good for you.


answered 06 Dec '10, 17:36

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Rich Seller
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Can you find swimming trunks for your child? We always use that when going swimming now.

The liquids pass through it like through the swimming diaper, and unless he or she has massive diarrhea the solids are caught by the trunks.

Advantage: easily reusabe


answered 07 Dec '10, 07:44

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He wears a bathing suit over his diaper now. We tried going with just his bathing suit a few months ago. He had a massive poop and it was a disaster trying to clean him up afterwards. The solids may be caught by his trunks, but it is very messy pulling a wet, poopy bathing suit off a toddler. Until he is toilet trained, I'd like him to wear a diaper.

(07 Dec '10, 14:02) cat_g

well, better than exploding diapers :D

(07 Dec '10, 15:24) brandstaetter
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