I'm giving a gift to a 7 mo. child living in a hospital and the parents requested a "cot mobile no fabric". Not sure why that is, but I'm guessing allergy issues or to avoid contamination of some sort.

I'm having a hard time finding mobiles that fit the bill in Amazon or other websites and I need to order it asap so it can be delivered in time. My main problem is most cot mobiles have plush toys (which I guess count as fabric!) or don't specify what they're made of.

Could someone please recommend me an appropriate cot mobile? I found a ceiling hanging one, but I guess it should be cot-based.

Price is not really an issue, delivery time might be (I need it in London by Thursday Dec 16th).

Thanks so much in advance!

(By the way, I picked this gift to give because the boy has the same name as my son... And they're only a month apart in age! Couldn't help choosing him.)

asked 08 Dec '10, 08:47

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+1 For the nice gesture! It has certainly made me smile!

(08 Dec '10, 09:10) Emi


answered 08 Dec '10, 11:32

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Thank you so much! You're right, that would fit the bill. But I think I'll get one of the wooden ones. Cheers!

(08 Dec '10, 21:29) pedromr

Actually got this one since the others are ceiling hung. Thanks for the tip!

(09 Dec '10, 10:02) pedromr

Here is one site that seems to sell reasonably priced wooden cot mobiles The Gifted Goat

Little Monkey Murals also has a nice assortment except I did'not notice how the Cot Mobiles are fitted.

I would have thought Paper origami cot mobiles would have been easy to find :( but I'm mistaken.


answered 08 Dec '10, 09:26

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Thank you so much! Love the wooden ones. Will get one of those!

(08 Dec '10, 21:28) pedromr

Actually -- I can see now the wooden ones are meant to hang from the ceiling, won't fit to the cot. :( Can't use them...

(09 Dec '10, 09:31) pedromr
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