Hi, I have a 9 month old son that doesn't put things in his month, ever!!! even if give him something you want him to eat, like a biscuit, he just looks at it. He is a good eater, fed with a spoon. He is otherwise a normal health baby, just with this one odd behaviour.

asked 14 Dec '10, 12:51

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Jo Welch
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+1 Sounds like an extremely well behaved baby!

(14 Dec '10, 13:16) Emi

Is he teething yet? Maybe he is a late teether. I know that the pressure of teeth coming up into the gums is often what compels babies to put things in their mouth.

(14 Dec '10, 14:20) Anne

I wouldn't worry about it. He's only 9-months old. I'd be worried if you were still spoon-feeding him at 3-years old. I'm not joking . . . I have a mommy-friend who STILL feeds her 3-year old whether it's yogurt by spoon or sandwich by hand.

(24 Dec '10, 16:38) Jo

If it's really bothering you, you could experiment with only giving him finger food and leaving him to it. If you do it at his normal meal times when he's hungry then he will have more of an incentive to try to feed himself. Feed him if he seems really distressed, but try to do it by helping him to feed himself. If you sit next to him with a plate of the same food and eat it with your fingers, perhaps he'll copy.

Obviously, you shouldn't actually starve your child, but at 9 months his hand-eye co-ordination is likely to be good enough to put something in his mouth. Perhaps it just hasn't occured to him yet.


answered 30 Jan '11, 19:42

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